Bonding with
her students is
important to her.


Nedda started her career in the urban dance club scene, where she got in contact with many styles such as: Dancehall, Hip Hop and house. Later on she got introduced to other street dance styles such as krump, popping and locking.

She is a well-known and a respected member of the urban dance community. Currently she received the New Makers Subsidy from the Amsterdam art fund in order to do research as a theatermaker and choreograph/ Direct urban dance theater pieces.

To dive deeper in the core of the urban dance culture she did research for 3 months in 2017 in New York , during this period she broadened her knowledge of diverse street and urban dance styles and expanded her international network.

Nedda teaches Urban impro, Hip hop and house dance at the 5 O'Clock Class from the Amsterdam University of the Arts (AHK) where she gives a lot of information about the culture, the use of the body in dance and choreography. During her course International hospitality studies she learned how to handle people from different countries and cultural backgrounds in one group. She also followed courses like: anatomy and Didactics. As the urban Dance scene is a very diverse group with dancers from all over the world, the skills she learned during these courses are helping to make a better connection with the students in order to bring their learning outcomes to a higher level.

Helping her students reach deeper within them selves is important to Nedda. Her focus is not only on their dance skills, but on all levels in order to make her dance classes and choreography projects a holistic experience for the students in which everything and everyone is connected with the world around us. This helps the students to overcome personal barriers and get more self-esteem, so they feel free to do creative arts research and dare to try out new things in their own choreographic work.

At EHOD Nedda teaches the following units:

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